Xbox Live Gratuit for France

In case you are an Xbox 360 owner that expected to get your hands on a replica of Titanfall before the ending of the month, we’ve some terrible news: you are going to want to wait just a little more. EA declared today that for the next time in only over a month, the start date will likely be pushed back, this time until April 8th in North America as well as April 11th in Europe. EA says the postponement may help programmer Blue point Games make things “even better.”

The match was initially expected to reach shops on March 11th, but was delayed by a couple of weeks to “set the finishing touches” on the existing-gen title. What those finishing touches were, we do not understand, but given reports of graphical imperfections to the Xbox One, Blue point’s choice to push back the start to “get the last elements right” could function as the right one.

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